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The goal of Johnsons Graphics is to help
enhance the image of small and big businesses
in the local area. The key to success is good
advertisement! And that's exactly what we are
willing to do. If your business has an image,
people will recognize it. That's why we offer a
wide variety of services from customizing a
logo to the publication of a website.

Once you have your website up and running
you have to promote it. That's where the
Graphic and Print Design of Johnsons
Graphics kicks into play. What's the use of
having a business or website if no one knows
its there. By designing business cards,
brochures, postcards, flyers, posters, etc. for
your business is how the public eye
acknowledges your presence.
Johnsons Graphics takes pride in the ability
to adapt to your specific design style. We can
make cutting edge designs or very
conservative designs. It all depend on what
you want! We will adapt to your design needs.
We make an effort to create all of our creative
design jobs to project a unique look
Graphic Designers
Like all good things this company was
founded on an idea and question; “Why is it
so expensive to have a product designed and
printed? Then over many coffee’s and
ranting and raving between graphic art and  
web design students we came up with a very
simple answer to the question
“There is no reason for it
I have even been witness to a so-called
“professional flatly refusing to take on a  
project because, in their eyes, it was to small
of a job. I made up my mind that very day
that no matter the customer no job is too
A Little About Us
  In the beginning...
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